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  • Progress on the layout guide

    I know. It's been a while since I've made updates to the layout guide.

    Much of the progress on the guide was halted when the catalog section expanded, and that was followed quickly by the product database which was an enormous undertaking. I've actually been working on the layout guide over the past three weeks but it's been slow going. The next segment will cover freight yards and I've spent a lot of time putting together various track configurations for it, some of which I liked and kept, and some of which I didn't and had to redo (sometimes more than once). It is coming, but it may be another week or so.

    After that will be a shorter, much easier section on coach yards which will finish off the section on yards. Then I'll probably talk about expansion options for arranging multiple tables into L and T configurations.

  • Welcome!

    Welcome to the BRIO Wooden Railway Blog! This will be a place for informal writings and commentary on all things related to the BRIO Wooden Railway. Think of it as a home for articles that are shorter or less developed than what I post over on it's bigger brother, the Wooden Railway Guide. Over time, pieces of what is here may even get assembled into a full article that gets posted there.

    Most importantly, this blog supports reader comments so that I can hear back from you. This will allow for a lot more back-and-forth than is possible today. (Note, though, that reader comments are moderated, so they won't show up immediately.)

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