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  • A Sneak-Peek at BRIO's new Products

    BRIO's web site has posted some thumbnails and larger-size images showing what appear to be some of their new toys for 2016.


    The first is #33789, the Lumber Loading Set (click for a larger, alternative view). Note that the red, tied-arch bridge is yellow in this starter set, and the yellow train car with the green arm looks somewhat similar to the #33316 Lift and Load Train from the early 2000's. It's not visible in the large image and hard to see in the small thumbnail, but there does appear to be a conveyor or slide in this set as well.


    The second is a series of figures, #33829 the Figure Play Pack.

    The file names on the larger images suggest that these will be part of the "Hero" them.

  • Coming soon from BRIO

    BRIO has made a couple of interesting announcements in the past couple of weeks. While details are still a little thin, here is their sneak peek at some new Wooden Railway products for 2016:

    BRIO World — Railway App

    BRIO's first ever game app, BRIO World — Railway will let you build your own virtual BRIO railway complete with track, trains, accessories and characters. The worlds will be interactive and will supply "missions" for you to complete as part of the play experience. The more you interact with the game, the more your world will grow and the more features will be unlocked.

    The app will sell for 2.99 EUR (with no in-app purchases) and be available for tablets, phones, and traditional computers running iOS, Android 4, and Windows 10. Read the press release on BRIO's web site.

    Character-based theme: Village

    BRIO will launch a new set of character-based themes, starting with Village. Rather than try and summarize this one, I'll quote from the press release:

    Village is BRIO’s first character-based play theme that encourages boys and girls to play together with the help of stories from their own everyday life. The Village environment is constructed with modules like the Family Home and School Playsets, the Market stand and Ice-cream shop. Staying true to the BRIO spirit, it is up to every child whether to assemble the predefined modules or come up with their own creations. Everything is in the same scale as the railway sets, and themes in the BRIO World can easily be connected as part of a bigger setting.

    See the press release for more information.

    Other new accessories

    Look for a new accessory called the Lumber Loading Set. Built with a sustainability theme in mind, it comes with trees, and tools for planting them. The Rescue theme launches in the fall, and they've announced three accessories: the Rescue Emergency Set, Central Firestation, and Firefighter Helicopter.

  • New arrivals for the U.S.

    In the United States we are saddled with Schylling as a distributor for BRIO toys. I use the term "saddled" deliberately: we tend to get "new" releases anywhere from six months to a year after they have already been out in the European markets, assuming we even get them at all. Schylling picks and chooses which items it's going to bring in from BRIO's catalogs, and we are stuck with their choices and their timing. The good news is, there are options for you if you are interested in some relatively recent Wooden Railway products.

    First, Schylling has released their catalog supplement for 2015 and it looks like the Fun Park theme will be available in the U.S. for the holidays. Also showing up will be the all new #33766 Railway World Deluxe Set, a huge starter set with a nice mix of some recent accessories. Based on Schylling's dealer pricing, expect the latter to run about $400.

    If you want some of the Fall 2015 products, a few 3rd party sellers from Europe are listing items on Amazon's U.S. site, and selling at very reasonable prices with either free or very cheap shipping. This week, I noticed LeVida Toys listing most of the Horse Farm theme, including the large #33791 Horse Stable. A couple of other sellers have these items listed as well. Be sure to look around.

  • Something for the holidays

    If you celebrate Christmas, you might be interested in this: the BRIO Advent Calendar. New for 2015, this advent calendar can also double as scenery in your layout and it includes some holiday-themed accessories, including a two-piece travel train, figures, a snowman and magentic "present" loads. The front flap of the box folds down, revealing the calendar doors in the front of the building, and forming a scenery "base" for the accessories.

    So far I have only seen this sold in Germany, so I got mine off of eBay from Spielkiste. This seller seems to be offering the best international shipping to the U.S. so far, though of course other sellers may be less expensive if you live elsewhere in the world.

  • Fall 2015 lineup is out

    BRIO's new products for the fall of 2015 have been released in Europe. If you aren't familiar with the 2015 product lineup be sure to check out the catalog on Those of you who live in the United States won't get these until 2016 at least, so for now you'll have to find international sellers that will ship to the U.S. Amazon and eBay are good starting points.

    Here's a summary of what's new (click to enlarge):

    Product lineup thumbnail

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