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The BRIO 33730 Roller Coaster Set

The BRIO #33730 Roller Coaster set was recently released in Europe.

Photo taken from the 2014 BRIO retail catalog

In case that picture isn't enough, BRIO also has a short video showing it in action. This one is a real beauty, and for those fortunate enough to have the vintage Amusement Park and Merry-go-round sets it should be a wonderful supplement. You can build your very own BRIO theme park!

Only time will tell if this gem will be released in the U.S. Unfortunately, not all of the 2014 BRIO products have made it to this side of the Atlantic. If you can find a retailer that will ship internationally, this one looks worth paying for overseas delivery.

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  • Artheathen

    This is just so very very very cool! Thanks for posting as I must have one! The grandson will just love this set!
  • John M

    I ordered mine from a Germany-based merchant off of the marketplace. There are a couple of German sellers there that offer international shipping, though it was an additional £19 just for the item.
  • Rob Alexander

    Hi John, just wanted to say many thanks for the excellent website.I've been glued to it since I discovered it a couple of days ago. By referencing the catalogues I've been able to identify some items I was trying to track down, which then led me to artheathen's ebay site! I live in the UK & had a close up look at the rollercoaster in a local toy shop& it is cool. It'll have to go on the list as one for the future before I fill our house with more Brio! The kids &I have been having fun making our own coasters with risers & stacking doors from our coffee table! Thanks again, Rob
  • John M

    My coaster set arrived a couple of weeks ago and it is wonderful. I've been meaning to post a little review of it here but have not gotten around to it yet. It's big! It will immediately expand the size of your layout since your track will have to go around it, and it's the size of a figure 8 set (roughly). That's the only real down side to it. There are some minor nits that you can make. Like all BRIO track the joints are flexible and the plastic supports mean that the track can scoot around during use, so you eventually get a crooked coaster track that has to be pushed back into shape, but by and large it really does work as advertised. It's one of their most inventive accessories in a long, long time. artheathen is a terriffic source for vintage BRIO, and my own collection has grown quite a bit thanks to them. It's overseas shipping for you, but the good news is that the UK seems to be the hub of wooden trains these days, so you get all the good new stuff while those of us in the U.S. have to hunt for it...

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