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Something for the holidays

If you celebrate Christmas, you might be interested in this: the BRIO Advent Calendar. New for 2015, this advent calendar can also double as scenery in your layout and it includes some holiday-themed accessories, including a two-piece travel train, figures, a snowman and magentic "present" loads. The front flap of the box folds down, revealing the calendar doors in the front of the building, and forming a scenery "base" for the accessories.

So far I have only seen this sold in Germany, so I got mine off of eBay from Spielkiste. This seller seems to be offering the best international shipping to the U.S. so far, though of course other sellers may be less expensive if you live elsewhere in the world.

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  • Edward P

    Hi, I (or rather my son!), out of interest complete contents are: 1* Santa 1* Station Master 2* passengers (1 male, 1 female) 3* trees 1* snowman 1* warning sign 2* wooden presents (magnetic) 1* Plastic wreath (can be held by characters) 1* block of ice (magnetic) 1* plastic monkey (magnetic) 2* ramp rails 3* straight rails 1* travel engine 1* travel engine carriage 1* bench 2* suitcases Happy Christmas all!

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