The BRIO® Product Database

This is a fairly comprehensive, but not complete, listing of known BRIO Wooden Railway and Wooden Railway compatible theme products from 1980 and on. It was generated mostly from BRIO catalogs, but includes product info from numerous other sources including other colletors, retail boxes and packages, old product listings from BRIO's web site on the Internet Archive, and eBay listings.

You'll notice that some products are listed multiple times, even with the same product number. This incidcates a change in styling from one year to the next. Some products, like the Lifting Bridge #33357, had several iterations under the same number. Others, like the School Bus, got a new product code with each update. And some, like the Footbridge and Family, sometimes got a new code and sometimes did not. BRIO was not consistent here.

Special thanks go to collectors Dave Pecota and artheathen for their assistance. They provided some catalog scans, product information, bits of history, and lots of advice as I assembled this database.

Bob the Builder

BRIO began manufacturing Bob the Builder themed products in late 2001 in both the BRIO Builder and BRIO Wooden Railway lines of toys. The Wooden Railway compatible line was discontinued in 2004 or 2005.

Number Name Category New in Catalogs
32800 Bob's Starter Set Starter Set 2001
32801 Wooden Scoop and Bob Vehicle 2001
32802 Wooden Muck and Bob Vehicle 2001
32803 Wooden Lofty and Wendy Vehicle 2001
32804 Wooden Dizzy and Pilchard Vehicle 2001
32805 Wooden Roley and Bird Vehicle 2001
32806 Travis and Spud Vehicle
32811 Scoop and Lofty Set Starter Set 2001
32812 Raceway Set Starter Set 2002
32813 Bob's House Set Starter Set 2002
32814 Bricklayer Accessories Accessory 2002
32815 Farmer Pickles and Wagon Vehicle 2002
32816 Farmer Pickles Barn Accessory 2002
32817 Deluxe Set Starter Set
32820 Name unknown. Stop light, warning signs, tires Accessory
32821 Roadway Tracks Track 2002
32822 Bob Saves Hedgehogs Accessory
32823 Muck Gets Stuck Accessory
32824 Scruffy and Wagon Rolling Stock
32825 Snow Scoop and Bob Vehicle
32826 Lofty in the Shed Accessory
32827 Pilchard and Pond Accessory
32828 Scoops Snowdrift Set Accessory
32829 Broken Bridge Bridge/Tunnel

Product Themes


  • 33117† Rimless wheel design

  • 1998Product appears in a general or Wooden Railway themed catalog book, linked online
  • 1998Product appears in a general or Wooden Railway themed foldout or product insert, linked online
  • 1998Product appears in a themed foldout or insert, linked online
  • 1998Product appears in a general or Wooden Railway themed catalog not available for online viewing

  • 1998 Catalog year is known
  • 1998-99 Catalog year is estimated

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