The BRIO® Product Database

This is a fairly comprehensive, but not complete, listing of known BRIO Wooden Railway and Wooden Railway compatible theme products from 1980 and on. It was generated mostly from BRIO catalogs, but includes product info from numerous other sources including other colletors, retail boxes and packages, old product listings from BRIO's web site on the Internet Archive, and eBay listings.

You'll notice that some products are listed multiple times, even with the same product number. This incidcates a change in styling from one year to the next. Some products, like the Lifting Bridge #33357, had several iterations under the same number. Others, like the School Bus, got a new product code with each update. And some, like the Footbridge and Family, sometimes got a new code and sometimes did not. BRIO was not consistent here.

Special thanks go to collectors Dave Pecota and artheathen for their assistance. They provided some catalog scans, product information, bits of history, and lots of advice as I assembled this database.

Trains of the World

BRIO began marketing the Trains of the World series in 1995, though some of the trains that would be included in the series began production as early as 1991, and others would see production well after the series was officially retired in 1999. A total of 15 trains were produced, and the ones that constituted it changed over time, making it a challenge to identify as well as collect the entire set. The trains listed here either appeared in official Trains of the World brochures or were listed as such in catalogs, and all but three were distributed (even if only briefly) in the distinctive "painted landscape" packaging.

The London North Eastern Railway engine was quickly dropped from the line but would continue to be sold as The Big Blue Engine for several more years. The London Midland Scottish Railway and Great Western Railway engines were dropped from the line early on, as well. The Intercity and Shinkansen trains both received redesigns, and in both cases the new engines would be brought into the series. The German High Speed, Santa Fe, and Canadian Pacific trains were only sold in certain markets. The X2000 was neither widely known nor widely available.

Number Name Category New in Catalogs
33312 Swedish X2000 Bullet Train Engine/Train
33410 London North Eastern Railway / Big Blue Engine Engine/Train
33411 London Midland Scottish Railway Engine/Train
33412 Great Western Railway Engine/Train
33413 Mallard Train Engine/Train
33419 InterCity Train Engine/Train
33420 Shinkansen Train Engine/Train
33421 Electric InterCity Train / GEL InterCity Train Engine/Train
33423 Santa Fe Train Engine/Train
33424 Eurostar Engine/Train 1995
33429 High-speed Train Engine/Train 1995
33430 Lord of the Isles Engine/Train
33431 Canadian Pacific / The Canadian Pacific "Royal Hudson" Train Engine/Train
33433 Flying Scotsman Engine/Train 1997
33438 Shinkansen Nozomi Engine/Train

Product Themes


  • 33117† Rimless wheel design

  • 1998Product appears in a general or Wooden Railway themed catalog book, linked online
  • 1998Product appears in a general or Wooden Railway themed foldout or product insert, linked online
  • 1998Product appears in a themed foldout or insert, linked online
  • 1998Product appears in a general or Wooden Railway themed catalog not available for online viewing

  • 1998 Catalog year is known
  • 1998-99 Catalog year is estimated

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