BRIO Catalog Spotting

The following images are of catalogs that I have seen on eBay or other places, but do not personally own.

  • 1964 (estimated)This consumer catalog is undated, but Dave Pecota estimates it as 1964 from the wording in a history of BRIO that is printed at the front of the booklet.
  • 1984This is the 1984 consumer catalog booklet.
  • 1989The 1989 consumer catalog.
  • 1990The 1990 consumer catalog.
  • 1992Wooden Railway catalog.
  • 1993The Wooden Railway photo book from 1993.
  • 1995The 1995 Wooden Railway photo book.
  • 1996The 1996 Wooden Railway photo book.
  • 1996 UKThe 1996 Wooden Railway Range Guide from the UK. This is the first year for the Thomas and Friends line.
  • 1997The 1997 Wooden Railway photo book.
  • 1998?Yet another wishbook from around 1998. This is an excerpt from an image in a listing for a MIB #33030 Suspension Bridge Set at
  • Late 1990'sThe second booklet from the top is from the 1990's and is a mini catalog of battery-powered engines. This photo is cropped from a listing on eBay. Click to enlarge.
  • 1998 UKThe 1998 Wooden Railway Range Guide from the UK.
  • 1999Wooden Railway Wishbook from 1999.
  • 1999The 1999 Wooden Railway photo book. Seen in an eBay auction.
  • 1999 UKThe 1999 Wooden Railway Range Guide from the UK.
  • 2000 UKThe 2000 Wooden Railway Range Guide from the UK. Contains the engines/characters from the Magic Railroad movie.
  • 2001The 2001 Wooden Railway photo book. Includes the Richard Scarry's Busytown lineup.
  • 2003The full consumer catalog from 2003.
  • 2004The full consumer catalog from 2004.

About the BRIO Catalog Archive

Catalogs are listed in chronological order, and the exact year of publication is shown where known. Otherwise, a best guess is provided based on the products listed inside, using catalogs with known dates as reference points.

Also check out the catalog spotting page for a look at other catalogs and booklets that are known to exist.

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