The BRIO® Product Database

This is a fairly comprehensive, but not complete, listing of known BRIO Wooden Railway and Wooden Railway compatible theme products from 1980 and on. It was generated mostly from BRIO catalogs, but includes product info from numerous other sources including other colletors, retail boxes and packages, old product listings from BRIO's web site on the Internet Archive, and eBay listings.

You'll notice that some products are listed multiple times, even with the same product number. This incidcates a change in styling from one year to the next. Some products, like the Lifting Bridge #33357, had several iterations under the same number. Others, like the School Bus, got a new product code with each update. And some, like the Footbridge and Family, sometimes got a new code and sometimes did not. BRIO was not consistent here.

Special thanks go to collectors Dave Pecota and artheathen for their assistance. They provided some catalog scans, product information, bits of history, and lots of advice as I assembled this database.

Rolling Stock

The use of a single gauge for both rail and vehicles blurs the line between vehicles and rolling stock, particularly in some of the more abstract themes such as the BRIO Network, Curious George, and Busytown, so the database takes a strict approach to classification: it's only considered rolling stock if it resembles a traditional rail car. Everything else is categorized as a vehicle. And while the term can technically refer to any car that moves on a railway, this database limits the definition to unpowered rail cars only, specifically excluding locomotives.

Until the early-to-mid 1990's BRIO did not sell rolling stock as individual products—even the caboose could not be purchased separately until 1991. You either bought a train set such as the Freight Express, Tipping Truck Train, or Goods Train, or purchased an accessory set that bundled one or more cars along with it.

Number Name New in Catalogs
33227 Chiming-Bell Car 1997
33228 Rocking Car 1997
33329 Railway Crane
33329† Railway Crane
33522 Concrete Transporter 1987
33538 Old Passenger Car
33539 Giraffe Wagon
33545 Zebra Wagon
33546 Tipping Wagon with Load
33547 Milk Wagon
33548 Shell Wagon
33549 Car Transporter
33550 Light and Sound Aqua Wagon
33590 Caboose
33590 Caboose
33612 Caboose
33612 Mighty Caboose / Caboose
33613 Yellow Tipping Wagon
33614 Red Tipping Wagon
33616 Wagon, Green
33617 Wagon, Blue
33619 Traveling Tanker / Tank Wagon
33621 Cement Hauler / Concrete Wagon
33650 Green Cattle Wagon 1996
33651 Red Cattle Wagon 1996
33652 Blue Cattle Wagon 1996
33653 Yellow Cattle Wagon 1996
33654 Load and Dump Wagon / Loads Wagon 1998
33769 Smart Track Wagon

Product Themes


  • 33117† Rimless wheel design

  • 1998Product appears in a general or Wooden Railway themed catalog book, linked online
  • 1998Product appears in a general or Wooden Railway themed foldout or product insert, linked online
  • 1998Product appears in a themed foldout or insert, linked online
  • 1998Product appears in a general or Wooden Railway themed catalog not available for online viewing

  • 1998 Catalog year is known
  • 1998-99 Catalog year is estimated

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